10factory.com - The Rebuild

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At 10factory, we’re all about experimentation, pushing the boundaries, and leveraging tools for speed and efficiency. We first launched 10factory knowing we needed a digital home. A feature-rich, shiny website wasn’t going to push us toward our goals as a company, so we quickly launched a simple static site.

Lit! Our company is real... now onto the real work!

And thus, after some real work, the time has come to give our small digital home some TLC.

Getting Started: What do we even want the company website to be?

With our site, we had a few goals from the start:

  • Keep it simple
  • Host our own content (blog)
  • Auto-deployments integrated with Git
  • Fast and reliable infrastructure
  • Some nice tech-hipster branding (Dark Mode? 👀)

Gif of theme being toggled

The web community has been embracing the JAM Stack (Javascript, API’s, Markup) as a great solution for modern static sites.

Sick! JAM Stack seems like a natural fit... “but like, that’s very vague”.

Let’s get into a bit more detail.

The Stack: We’re jammin’, I hope you like jammin’ too


docusaurus logo

As a ReactJS based static site generator, Docusaurus seems like an odd choice for a website that’s not meant for… docs.

Everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler - A. Einstein

Docusaurus’ focus as a product brings simplicity. But does that simplicity sacrifice our company site’s needs? Clearly, we didn’t think so.

Not only does Docusaurus ship awesome features out-of-the-box, but after all, what is a company site but documentation about a company? 🤔

Tight! Our site is literally docs… tech-first AF 🤓


vercel logo

If you haven’t checked out Vercel yet, it’s fucking awesome.

We love Vercel’s:

  • Fantastic Github integrations
  • Powerful CLI tooling
  • Staging previews are a Quality Assurance dream
  • JAM Stack focused
  • Serverless

I think you get it... We won’t give you their whole marketing pitch but if you’re building JAM sites, it’s a great infrastructure tool.


linear logo

We took the opportunity of starting this rebuild to try out Linear, a new issue tracking tool with great Github integrations and keyboard first design.

The integrations and keyboard first design have made Linear feel like a natural part of our code-first processes.

We dig it.

Github Integrations Galore!

git checkout -b tenf-10-test-automation
echo "We did it!" > sample.txt
git add .
git commit -m "automation 🚀"
git push origin tenf-10-test-automation

The Vercel and Linear integrations make for some sexy Pull Request activity if we may say so ourselves.

Thanks for reading

Software is always In Progress; we look forward to seeing how our site evolves. Stay tuned to our blog and always feel free to reach out.